How To Succeed In ART Without Really Trying (Part 3)

  How to Succeed in Art Without Really Trying (Part 3)   “Why Do I Do Art?” Every art technique, every creative process, is someones big or small strategy for success. And the beauty of every success, big or small, is that it succeeds in momentarily blinding us to our mortality, our weakness. Everyone is […]


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ALL IS VANITY: Conceptual Artists Vs. Sensory Artists

  From Conception to Sensation Contemporary conceptual artists want to think… and want to make you think. (Especially, to think, and make you think, they are great.) Traditional sensory artists want to feel… and want to make you feel. (Especially, to feel, and make you feel, they are great.)   Artists are both (conceptual and […]

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Joy Rip – Author Illustrator

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Where am I?

Stopping for directions. Looking for leads. Pretending not to be lost on whatever road to happiness, road to success, I think I am on. Just another bumbling broke spoke hawking his dreams / wares / art /... Imaginary wares proclaiming imaginary values to anyone kind or gullible enough to listen, care and perhaps even buy.

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"BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: Fantastic Deep Space Romances with the Stars of Art Nihilism." Graphic novel by Joy Rip.

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