How to make free graphic novel paperbacks? [Intro]

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But will it fly?



Critic: “Looks great. What does it do?”  

Artist: “It’s supposed to launch my career.”  

Critic: “Make you rich and famous?”  

Artist: “No better career.”  

Critic: “Change the world?”  

Artist: “Change my  world.”  

Critic: “Is it working?”  



This blog is about one thing:  

Figuring out how to make paperbacks of my graphic novels free for interested readers.  

I started this blog as an attempt to force me to brainstorm one idea a day on how to make my paperbacks free to readers who want one.  

I will try to come up with at least one implausible scheme a day to raise the money I need to manufacture and ship my paperbacks to you for free…  

… Free for the reader, that is.  

Obviously the money to produce and ship the books has to come from somewhere. Just not from you… and not from me. I want to break even.   

So figuring out where that money is going to come from is the goal of this blog.  

~ Joy Rip  

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