How to Make Free Graphic Novel Paperbacks


Author Illustrator Joy Rip

Joy Rip's graphic novels from Buffalo NY

My name is Joy Rip.

I am the author illustrator of three graphic novels:

THE FALL: Q & A Fallen Angel Tell the Story of Satan’s Fall

BONEME: How to Kiss a Monster

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: Fantastic Deep Space Romances with the Stars of Art Nihilism

"THE FALL" graphic novel

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I started this blog to solve one problem:

How do I make my graphic novel paperbacks free?

This blog is about finding a way to get paperback editions of my graphic novels into the hands of those interested in reading them without charging them any money.

All I want to do is break even. Hopefully this lowers the bar to finding a successful idea to fund this endeavor.

I’d just begun writing my thoughts on how to solve this particular problem in a physical paper journal when I thought I would try blogging it instead.

By sharing my search for a way to make paperbacks of my graphic novels free (for you at least), I’m hoping that someone will let me know if it’s been done and the problem has already been solved by someone. Post a comment and let me know how they did it.

But until someone comes up with an idea that actually works for me, I’ll be plugging away here.

I just want to go back to making graphic novels…

… instead of trying to come up with some newfangled for-profit or non-profit business model (someone’s got to pay) to fund this project.

~ Joy Rip

Interview with the Devil

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