Free Graphic Novel Paperback Giveaway as a Lead Generator

Interview with the Devil

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IDEA NUMBER 1 for how to make free graphic novel paperbacks:  people give their contact information (such as name and email address) to a company in exchange for a free paperback graphic novel.

First, create a website that makes this exchange as simple as possible for all involved.

The website acts as a middleman in trying to match people looking for free paperback graphic novels with companies willing to pay for their contact information. As soon as enough money is paid for his or her information to cover the cost of the book, it is shipped out and on its way to a good home.

Depending on how much companies are willing to pay for a person’s contact information, an individual may have to select more than one company to give their contact info to before receiving a free graphic novel paperback. (For example, my paperback graphic novels cost $5 each to manufacture and ship. If companies are only willing to pay $1 for each contact, then a person would have to choose 5 companies to give their contact info to in order to pay for the book.)

But the website is more than a middleman; it is a matchmaker. “Who’s mailing list would you like to be added to? Choose 5 and get this graphic novel free.”

It serves everyone’s best interest if people are free to choose whose mailing list they want to be on. There should be a big list of brands, products or services  for people to choose from so they can closely match their true interests to what a company has to offer. Companies then spend money only on potential customers who actually show an interest in what they have to say. And people won’t be bothered by emails on subjects they don’t want to read… and won’t be as quick to unsubscribe.

~ Joy Rip

Interview with the Devil

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