Free Graphic Novel Paperback Giveaway as a Lead Generator (Part2)

Interview with the Devil

Click to read free 97-page graphic novel interview with the devil online!


IDEA NUMBER 2 for how to make free paperback graphic novels.

1. Create a website that allows people to freely read and even download a graphic novel online at the website without registering or logging in.

2. But if they want to receive a free paperback of a graphic novel, they would have to register first through a double opt-in.

3. The name and email address they register would then be given to only those companies they choose to receive email from in exchange for a free paperback.

4. This website would handle all shipping of books. So registered members of the website would not have to divulge their land mailing address to other companies unless they choose to.

5. The optional website registration process only requires name and email address in order to get a free paperback. But registrants can choose at any time to enter and barter even more of their information (such as telephone number or land address) with the companies they choose in exchange for more expensive paperbacks or for fewer companies receiving their info.

(For example, a book that costs $10 to manufacture and ship can be had for free if a registered member chooses 10 companies paying $1 each for the member’s name and email address… or just 1 company paying $10 for a member’s name, email address and phone number.)

~ Joy (Hey, what’s the big idea) Rip

Interview with the Devil

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