Free Graphic Novel Paperback Giveaway as a Lead Generator (Part 4)

Interview with the Devil

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IDEA NUMBER 4 on how to make my paperbacks free for you (the reader).

Who’s going to pay for your contact info so I can send you a free paperback graphic novel? (And how do I find them?)

It costs me $5 to manufacture and ship (US) one book. So how do I find any company(s) willing to pay $5 for your contact info (name and email) so they can send you their newsletter and market to you, presumably?

I’m no marketing genius but it doesn’t seem like anyone would pay much for just the name and email address of someone who can easily unsubscribe from them at any time. And how could they even know you were actually interested in anything they had to say or offer if the only reason you signed up for their newsletter or email advertising was that you wanted a free book?

However, that’s exactly what a lot of companies seem to do. I’m not able to pay the $5 to give you a free book because I don’t have any ability to make money by selling you something down the road once I’ve gotten your contact info. But other companies do!

All I have to sell are my books. And once I make those free, what’s left to sell?

Finally, how does one find all these companies that are supposedly able and willing to pay for people to sign up for some free offer on their website?

I’m not able or willing to spend my time searching for and sorting through all these CPA (cost-per-acquisition or cost-per-action) offers and CPA networks where they advertise. But the book club can find a way to hire, pay or reward volunteers to check out free offers for other members.

These volunteers should have in-depth first hand knowledge of any free offer they recommend to other book club members by having signed up for the free offer themselves and reporting their own direct experience with the offer.

All book club members should be encouraged to leave a review of any offer they sign up for that was posted on the book club website. Best offers move to the top. Bad offers get deleted.

~ Joy Rip

Interview with the Devil

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