Free Graphic Novel Paperback Giveaway as a Lead Generator (Part 5)

Interview with the Devil

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IDEA NUMBER 5 on how to make my paperbacks free (for you the reader and me).

Does “Paid-to-click” and “Paid-to-submit” advertising work for advertisers?

Does paying you (a free book) to submit your name and email info on an advertiser’s website really get that advertiser any business? Do advertisers actually get paying customers this way? After all, that’s what this scheme for funding a free paperback book for interested readers boils down to for advertisers.

Readers who successfully enter their name and email address on an advertiser’s website in exchange for a free paperback graphic novel will get advertisers a new mailing list.

But does it get these advertisers anything more?

Obviously advertisers are hoping to get more than your name and email address. They’re hoping to make a profit from it/you in the long run. They’re hoping they can sell you something down the road.

It doesn’t seem plausible that advertisers can really count on the readers they sign up for their email newsletters and advertisements being interested enough in their emails to read them and not unsubscribe.

After all, all advertisers really know is that readers signed up because they wanted a free paperback book and not necessarily because they wanted emails from advertisers.

If I periodically email my mailing list just a few links from sponsoring advertisers that readers can click on to submit their name and email address to get a free book of mine, they will be forced to pick from only these few advertiser links I email them if they want the free book.

This limited selection of advertisers in no way indicates whether a reader is actually interested in what the advertiser has to offer (beyond the immediate offer of this free book).

However, the more closely related the advertisers’ offers are to this immediate offer of a free paperback graphic novel of mine, the greater is the chance that these readers will be interested in the advertisers’ offers.

For example, other graphic novel publishers might do well advertising their books to my readers.

Additionally, another way to make it more likely that readers click only on advertiser links that they show real interest in is to present readers with a large list of sponsor links in various categories from which they can choose, instead of just a few.

The greater the selection of advertisers presented to readers, the more selective readers can be.

The more selective readers can be, the more genuine interest they can show.

~ Joy Rip

Interview with the Devil

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