Free Graphic Novel Paperback Giveaway as a Lead Generator (Part 6)

Interview with the Devil

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IDEA NUMBER 6 on how to make paperbacks of my graphic novels free for interested readers.

Create a system that pays you to sign up for free offers.

There are plenty of systems in place on the Internet that pay marketers (called affiliates) to send customers to merchants. So why not create a system where merchants pay their customers instead of their affiliates.

Why not create a website where members get all the money that usually goes to the affiliate they purchase something through.

In effect, the customer becomes the affiliate. But unlike other affiliates, this customer-affiliate is not in the business of signing up other customers. This affiliate has only one customer to send to merchants: himself.

Note: there already are sites like that share some of their affiliate profits with members.

So why not create a site that channels more affiliate profits to members? And in my case, why not create a site that channels all affiliate profits back to the members who generated them, distributing these profits in the form of free books?

The best business model I can come up with to pay the cost of manufacturing and mailing each paperback is the CPA (cost-per-acquisition or cost-per-action) model, where merchants pay people to send them leads (i.e., customers or potential customers) who sign up for something supposedly free on a merchant’s site.

There are plenty of sites that offer free stuff if you sign up for something.

But you might wind up signing up for things that cost you money in order to get your so-called freebie.

There are also plenty of sites offering free stuff if you sign up for a free trial offer that asks for your credit card number and then automatically begins billing you if you don’t cancel your subscription before the free trial time period is up. And some of these sites have all sorts of tricks to make it difficult to cancel.

Others just hope you are too busy or forgetful to cancel… at least until you get their first bill… and then perhaps you won’t notice the charge on your credit card bill.

To make this proposed customer-affiliate website truly useful to members, it would have to do more than payout affiliate profits. It would have to protect its members from getting ripped off… Rip-offs that would negate any affiliate rewards. 

The website would have to offer a way to filter all the free offers it presents to its members so that the deceptive offers and outright scams are weeded out.

At the very least, the website should have a rating system and feedback forum where members can post and rate their experiences with specific offers.

~ Joy Rip

Interview with the Devil

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