Free Graphic Novel Paperback Giveaway as a Lead Generator (Part 8)

Interview with the Devil

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IDEA NUMBER 8 on How to Make My Paperbacks Free (for You and Me):

Create a freebie site that only lists free offers that give you free stuff in exchange for the least amount of effort and personal info. No surveys. No credit card numbers. No additional offers to complete. Nothing to buy.

It is my understanding that a lot of merchants pay affiliates ($1-$5)) for each person they get to sign up to receive emails from a merchant by submitting just their email address on that merchant’s website.

So why not create a website that lists only these email-address-submission-only offers for members to click on and then transfer all the affiliate money generated by their email address submission into their personal member account?

Since I’m only interested in getting a copy of my books into your hands without having to pay for it, the site I create would make it clear that this is its primary objective. So people would become members only if they were interested in getting free books from me. And they would understand that any money they earned in their member accounts would be used to cover only the actual cost of printing and mailing each book I send them.

If I run out of books of mine to send them, I would be happy to list other graphic novels whose publishers are willing to offer their books to our members at cost. In other words, we could use this type of business model to create a nonprofit book club dedicated to graphic novels… and more.

Now why would any author or publisher want to participate in a nonprofit book club they couldn’t profit from directly? For the publicity.

Since the price they offer their books covers their cost (we don’t ask them to take a loss), any publicity or exposure their offer generates for them is free.

It’s free advertising! And what author, artist, publisher or businessman can’t use free advertising to further his career and turn a profit… somewhere? Just not here.

If they don’t need free advertising, they don’t need our nonprofit book club.

~ Joy Rip

Interview with the Devil

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