Free Graphic Novel Paperback Giveaway as a Lead Generator (Part 9)

Graphic Novel of Satan's Fall

97-Page Preview of "THE FALL"


IDEA NUMBER 9 on how to make paperbacks of my graphic novel free for interested readers. 

Create a nonprofit book club specializing in graphic novels. Members  get free books by signing up for free offers that pay the book club for each sign up.

The book club keeps track of who signs up for what (free offer). Then when the book club gets paid by the advertiser, it deposits the money it gets from each sign up into the book club account of the member who signed up. When enough money is in a member’s account to cover the cost of manufacturing and mailing a book he wants, it’s shipped out to him.  You get free offers plus free books.

Here’s how it would work: 

The book club lists free offers from advertisers who are willing to pay the book club ($1-$5) for every member it sends its way to sign up for the advertiser’s free offer. Email-address-submit-only free offers are often for free digital products such as free newsletters, free ebooks, free software, free image collections and free Web memberships that you have to submit your name and email address in order to receive them. Free physical products or samples require more info (i.e., at least a mailing address). 

Once you sign up by submitting your name and email address on an advertiser’s website in order to get your freebie, they begin sending you emails, ezines or newsletters promoting other offers. But by law, they must make it possible for you to unsubscribe from further emailings. 

Where do you find advertisers willing to pay for people to sign up for free stuff? Do they exist? How do they make money paying people to give away free stuff? 

These advertisers do exist. And they’re more clever than you think. The cleverness of some may even be unethical. (Example of unethical practice: charging you for something you didn’t sign up for or didn’t know you signed up for and making it difficult to cancel.) 

But the book club will weed out any unethical or deceptive offers before presenting them to members. And the simplest way to begin is by not presenting any free offers that require a credit card number. For the goal is to get a free book without having to pay for it one way or another. 

Basically, ethical advertisers who pay for email submissions by people who have come to their website looking for a freebie are banking on their belief that they can eventually sell you something down the road once they have your name and email address. And they know they are right, statistically. Not just because they have been doing this for a long time and have honed their sales process. But hopefully because they have lots of very desirable products and services to sell you. 

In any case, the book club will do its best to make sure its members are not sucked into their sales machine with their eyes closed. 

As much as can be automated should be automated. As much as what can’t be automated should be volunteered. Those costs that can’t be automated or volunteered can be paid out of an account that everyone donates a portion of their earnings to. Members can view this collective account at any time and see all its transactions. 

That’s my pipe dream. Smoke it and enjoy. 

So many things to do…

So many fires to put out…

~ Joy Rip

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