Free Graphic Novel Paperback Giveaway as a Lead Generator (Part 10)


Graphic Noverl By Joy Rip

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IDEA NUMBER 10 on how to make paperbacks of my graphic novels free for interested readers. 

Create a nonprofit book club (specializing in graphic novels) funded completely by sales commissions earned by its book club members. Book club members get free books by buying stuff through the book club and collecting all the sales commissions from each purchase they make that would have gone to marketers. When enough money from commissions are deposited in a member’s book club account, a book of his choosing is shipped out to him at cost. 

This nonprofit book club makes it easy for members to earn whatever commissions are being offered to salesmen and marketers for selling something to you,  getting you to sign up for something or getting you to do something. The book club presents you with the offers and tells you how much in commissions each offer pays you. If it’s a free offer, you get the freebie plus the commission. And this commission pays for any graphic novel you want from the book club. 

This nonprofit book club works pretty much the same way as the nonprofit book club outlined in the previous post (see Part 9, Idea Number 9 – Free Offer Only Book Club). The only difference is that the offers presented to book club members by the book club proposed here (in Part 10, Idea Number 10) would not be limited to free offers. This book club would be open to any legitimate offer that club members show an interest in and can make a commission from. 

You can take a look at to see a for-profit example of the nonprofit business model I’m suggesting. Here’s a quote from their site: 

“ earns commissions on purchases you make through Cash Back stores. When we get paid, we share part of our commission with you. Why? Because when we share, we win!” 

Note: nonprofit book club would give all commissions to you. But you would get paid in books, not cash. 

If you know of any other organizations I can look at who are already doing something similar, leave a comment and let us know. 


~ Joy Rip

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According to Wikipedia:

“Cashback websites are a type of reward website that pays its members a percentage of money earned when they purchase goods and services via their affiliate links.”

“A Reward website is a website that offers rewards for performing tasks, usually related to selected retailers and organisations. These tasks may include, buying goods or services through referral links, submitting content, participating in a survey or referral of members.”

Wikipedia has more info about Cashback websites and Reward websites.


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