Ten Things to Know About the Future of Art

Future of Art

Ten Things to Know About the Future of Art”

  1. There are too many images. Information overload is fast becoming image overload as images replace text and as images catch up to text in amount and speed of transmission.
  2. There are too many artists. “Everyone is an artist!” is the accepted canon today. After all, what is art? I’m an artist because I say I am. This is art because I say it is.
  3. There is too much art. Because there are too many artists (alive and dead).
  4. There are too many sellers of art and not enough buyers. Every buyer is first and foremost a seller, because everyone is an artist today. And every artist is more interested in selling his own art than in buying someone else’s.
  5. There is too much free art. Why pay for it? There are too many creators of art and not enough consumers. Everyone is a creator, everyone is an artist, and every artist today must be willing to offer some of their stuff for free in the beginning to attract an audience and get noticed, known, seen.
  6. There are too many free images. Many images today are created by machines. Many images are created by cameras, computer hardware and software with little human intervention. Thus images are cheap to produce, replicate and distribute in the age of digital and mechanical reproduction.
  7. Every image is a work of art in search of recognition. Regardless of whether it was created by nature, man or machine, every image is a Duchamp “ready-made” just waiting for (divine or human) recognition as being something special called art.
  8. Everyone wants recognition. Everyone wants to be special. Everyone wants recognition for being special. Everyone is special. Everyone deserves special recognition. Everyone is special enough to create art. Everyone’s art is special.
  9. There’s too little recognition, too little attention, to go around. Everyone wants to be paid attention. No one wants to pay attention. In an attention economy, the supply of attention will always be less than the demand for it.
  10. Fame is the future’s most valuable art and commodity. Capitalizing on attention is the name of the game. No future? Future is now. Art? By hook or by crook, make me rich and famous.

~ Joy Rip

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“Ten Things to Know About the Future of Art” by Joy Rip was inspired by Ten Things to Know About the Future of Comics by Shaenon K. Garrity and Ten Things to Know About the Future of Webcomics by Larry “El Santo” Cruz as first alerted on Fleen.com by Gary Tyrrell. Read Gary’s whole post.


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