10 Things “You Need to Know” About the Future of Publishing

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10 Things “You Need to Know” About the Future of Publishing

1. Large publishing companies will move towards outsourcing and contract work (rather than doing everything in-house with their own staff and employees).

2. Outsourcing and contract work will be rewarded based on results: you’ll be paid for specific work done on specific projects and rehired only if it is successful or profitable. You will no longer have a job. You will have (short-term) jobs.

3. Contract work will be “work-for-hire” contract work. This gives the one hiring all the benefits of an employer (such as sole ownership of work produced for-hire) without all the costs (such as health insurance).

4. All former employees of big publishing houses will become freelancers or start their own small publishing houses.

5. Self-publishing will dominate small publishing, bypassing the need for other forms of small publishing houses, small presses, independents.

6. Self-publishing will overtake traditional publishing and dominate it. First by the sheer number and diversity of self-published offerings flooding the market. Then by big publishers’ growing lack of willingness to bankroll (the expensive marketing effort required for) huge bets on individual projects by relative unknowns. While established famous names will become self-publishers because it’s more profitable and more enjoyable.

7. Traditional publishers will cherry pick the most successful self-publishers, buying the rights to their work or hiring them.

8. Everyone will be a self-publisher. Self-publishing is becoming ever cheaper and easier. Soon the bar for entry will be so low that merely being alive will cause you to be a self-publisher as new forms of free, automated publishing platforms continue to enter the market. (24-hour podcast or webcast of your life as it happens. When you pass away, the machines will still be recording. But don’t count on anyone alive to care or know you’re missing.)

9. Everyone will be a self-publisher in search of a customer. All systems go. All that’s missing is an audience. And it won’t be a paying audience. When everyone is producing and publishing his own stuff, he’ll be lucky to give it away. Cheap can’t compete with free when there’s too much of something for sale in any market.

10. There will be more producers than consumers. Every consumer will be a producer, even if all he produces is crap. And not every producer will be human as Artificial Intelligence and machines take over every form of manufacturing and production, including the arts and sciences.

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