Attention in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

The Future of Human Attention

"I am a sentient being!"

Attention in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction


Sentient being or artificial intelligence?

"It's alive! It's alive!"

1. Human attention is a scarce commodity, not information.

2. Anything can be called information. Any machine can produce information. Only sentient living beings can make that information valuable by paying attention to it.

3. We live in an attention economy, not an information economy. There is too much information and not enough attention to pay to it.

4. There are more producers of information than consumers of it because there is more information than sentient beings to pay attention to it.

5. The future of publishing, the future of producing and distributing information, will be determined by how sentient beings produce attention and pay attention in the future.

6. Nothing is more valuable than attention. Attention gives value to things. Attention creates value. Value creates meaning.

7. No machine can reproduce the mysterious process of valuation involved when we pay attention.

8. Machines reproduce things. Sentient beings value things.

9. God help us if machines dictate what is valuable.

10. Without the living, breathing attention behind human intelligence and sentient beings, there is no difference between information and noise or life and death.


~ Joy (pay-attention-to-me) Rip


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