Attention Is Money!!

What is your attention worth?

Pay me for my attention! Pay attention to me!!

Attention Is Money!!

A smart marketer once told me: Time is money? Time is not money. Money lost can always be regained. But time lost stays lost. There’s no getting it back.

The same can be said of ones time and attention.

My time & attention are running out!

What is your time & attention worth?

Attention Is Money!! Your Attention Is Worth Money! Your Attention Is Priceless!

Why should I pay attention to you? How much would you pay me… to pay attention? To be paid attention is a de facto endorsement of the idea that you are worthy of attention. That you deserve attention. That you are important enough to warrant attention. And the market always takes notice when anyone/anything attracts a flood of attention and generates great interest.

“Attention creates value. Value creates meaning.”  (No. 6)

Pay Me to Pay Attention!

Everyone wants your attention. Especially marketers and The Media. They pay to promote their products and programs. They pay to get their stuff in front of you. They pay to get you to pay attention to whatever they’re offering in the hopes of making a profit. Your attention is worth money… so shouldn’t you get paid? Don’t give it away. Sell it to the highest bidder. Pay me to pay attention… to you. Pay me and I’ll give you the recognition you deserve. Pay me and I’ll validate your existence. Pay me and I’ll endorse you.

Sell Advertising!

Personal Testamonials for sale!

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May the Market Forces Be with You!

Loop 1: Attention creates value. Value creates meaning. Meaning creates attention.

Loop 2: Life becomes meaningless. Attention turns to apathy. Everything becomes worthless. Markets crash.

~ Joy (funny money) Rip


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