Voyeurism Is the New Journalism

Smile! Voyeurism Is the New Journalism As Publicly Accessible Surveillance Systems and Hidden Camera Journalism Spreads… Until They Become Ubiquitous.

Eyez Wireless Spy Camera Glasses

Spy Camera Glasses Broadcast Wirelessly!

Point-Of-View (POV) Spy Camera Glasses:

Our engineering team at ZionEyez is currently developing Eyez, the latest innovation in personal video recording technology. Eyez embeds a 720p HD video camera within a pair of eyeglasses designed to record live video data. The recorded data can be stored on the 8GB of flash memory within the Eyez glasses, transferred via Bluetooth or Micro USB to a computer, or wirelessly transferred to most iPhone or Android devices. After a one-time download of the “Eyez” smartphone and tablet app, users can wirelessly broadcast the video in real time to their preferred social networking website.”

I’m a little late to the show but here’s a link to Eyez™ by ZionEyez HD Video Recording Glasses for Facebook : a wildly successful past Kickstarter fundraiser for some wireless spy-camera glasses. Eyez camera glasses come with interchangeable tinted and clear lenses, and they can be fitted with prescription lenses by any optical store. This Kickstarter fundraiser far surpassed its fundraising goals and is now closed. But you can still go to their company website at www.zioneyez.com and order a pair. If you preorder before October 1st, you can still get the $150 Kickstarter discount (regularly $200).

The stunning success of the Eyez Kickstarter campaign to raise money for preorders of their wireless-HD-video-streaming-bluetooth-camera-glasses shows a startling amount of interest exists in easily and secretly broadcasting ones life and worldview instantaneously! Many spy-camera glasses exist on the market, but none of them can instantly broadcast live wirelessly. The people at ZionEyez downplay the surreptitious uses its camera glasses make possible and do not advertise them as spy-camera glasses. Instead, they focus on the convenience of hands-free videography.

10 Things “You Need to Know” About the Future of Publishing:

“8. Everyone will be a self-publisher. Self-publishing is becoming ever cheaper and easier. Soon the bar for entry will be so low that merely being alive will cause you to be a self-publisher as new forms of free, automated publishing platforms continue to enter the market. (24-hour podcast or webcast of your life as it happens. When you pass away, the machines will still be recording. But don’t count on anyone alive to care or know you’re missing.)”

My Life Is Better than Yours. Watch.

My life is more interesting than yours. Join me. Excitement is just a HD video world broadcast away. You can just picture a new army of unpaid volunteer photo/video journalists taking to the mean streets with their hidden cameras in search of good times, new adventures and breaking news. More personal the action captured the better. More private the moment recorded the better. More unguarded the subject the better. Catch the world unaware. Unveil the hidden truth and it will go viral. Direct cinema for the masses. Cinéma vérité on a shoestring. Documentary production for the busy or lazy Everyman. Live, streaming, unedited, unreal reality TV. Everyone can now dominate the media industry like the star each knows himself/herself to be. Don’t be dominated or intimidated by The Media or the images of the rich and powerful. Your Eyez puts star power into your hands. Dominate the world with your POV. Start your own media empire. Create your own media world. Fight the powers that be. Broadcast your life… every waking moment. Now! Before everyone else does.

~ Joy (never smiles) Rip


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