How to Get Your Shit into a Museum

Art As Publicity Stunt or Prank

Context is everything! Packaging is everything!

How to Get Your Shit into a Museum:

50 Year Golden Anniversary of “Artist’s Shit” (1961) by Italian Artist Piero Manzoni.

How shock value and controversy fan the flames of attention and fame, making art (or anything) go viral.

Performance Art, Publicity Stunt or Halloween Prank:

I just come up with the ideas. I let others take the trouble or get in trouble executing them. That’s the beauty of conceptual art.”   The Idea Man

Do this (to get your controversial crap into a respectable museum):

  1. Write your name on brown paper lunch bag.
  2. Crap into the bag.
  3. Close bag so you can’t see into it.
  4. Place bag at door of venerable art institution.
  5. Set fire to paper bag.
  6. Museum guard comes out and stomps flaming bag of shit to put fire out.
  7. Guard walks back into museum leaving trail of shitty footprints in halls of power.
  8. Document (photo/video) footprints of your shit before museum janitor cleans it.
  9. Publicize event and make a name for yourself.
  10. I am artist because I say I am! This is art because I say it is!
Shiting Money

Performance Art: "Quiet. I'm thinking."

You leave an indelible impression behind no matter how the critics beat you down.

~ Joy (trick-or-treat) Rip


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