Art Is Mystery

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Where are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going?


Art Is Mystery:

The most rewarding experience an artist can create is discovering and unearthing a profound and profoundly felt mystery. For a truly profound mystery uncovers an irreducible sense of importance about one’s existence by exposing a new and inexhaustible source of something that feels important and is important. For it is important if it feels important until one rationalizes or allows others to rationalize the feeling away.

Art is mystery. And you cannot teach art because you cannot teach mystery. You must awaken it. You must awaken your sense of it. You must feel it. You must experience it. You cannot teach a profound appreciation for mystery. You stumble upon it. You stumble upon your feelings for it. Your feeling for it.. your feeling for anything.. your feeling for anyone.. is itself the mystery.

Feeling is the mystery. The deeper your feeling, the deeper the mystery.

You cannot teach art. You cannot teach mystery. You cannot teach feeling. You must experience it.

You must experience the profound mystery of feeling. Stumble upon it. Unlock it. Unleash it. Discover it by feeling it. Discover your own mystery: your own source of mystery: your feelings! You must uncover your feelings. They will lead you to your own mysterious sense of importance. Your feelings are your own mysterious sense of importance. Get to the source of it! You must track down what feels important to you.. and get to the bottom of it.

Get to the strange and mysterious source of your feelings. For what could be stranger than this peculiar faculty for sensing importance. What could be stranger than feeling.. feeling alive.. in a barren world. It’s a mystery that one’s sense of importance exists at all in a violent, uncaring universe that continually undermines that sense of importance.

Art is a mystery. Art is mystery. It is the mystery of why anyone would find art important. Important enough to do. Art is a mysterious sense of importance staring down life’s unimportance in the face of death and destruction. It is the mystery of why life seems important, feels important, is important, despite all the evidence to the contrary. It is the mystery of how and why your life seems important, feels important, is important! Art is the most abstract and irrational sense of importance there is.. short of insanity. If it can stare down the most brutal common sense existence has to offer, so can you. Today’s antics of the avant-garde write tomorrow’s existential survival manual.

Blake Life Mask (1823) Before His Death (1827)

Photographic Realism Before Photography


~ Joy Rip


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