Art Is Life: Demystifying Art to Get at Life

Art Is Life: Demystifying Art to Get at Life:

To repeat: “Art is a mystery. Art is mystery.”

However, art is not the illusion of mystery or illusion of power that artists, works of art and the art world often hide behind. Art is real mystery. Art uncovers real mysteries. Art is not the hidden techniques that manufactured it. Art is not the hidden assumptions behind an object, activity, style or form being recognized as a work of art. Art is the real mystery that remains after hidden techniques are revealed and learned. Art is the mystery that survives after hidden assumptions are exposed and questioned.

Art is not a technique, not an activity, not a style, not an object. Art is not even an image or idea. Art is the experience of that image or idea. It is the experience made possible by some technique, some activity, some style, some object. Art is a state of being. A state of being alive. Art is not a lifeless thing. Not a mindless thing. Art is a heightened state of consciousness. A heightened awareness of life. A heightened awareness of being alive. A heightened appreciation for life. A heightened state of being.

Art does not teach you how to live. Art discovers how to live. Art is mystery because art is discovery.

Art is pure mystery. Art is pure discovery. Demystifying art, destroying the unnecessary illusions of art, gets one closer to this pure appreciation of life. Art must destroy itself to renew itself… To renew its mystery… To rediscover itself… To rediscover life!

Art is the mystery of life. Art is the pure appreciation of life. Art is life.

~ Joy Rip


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