How To Succeed In ART Without Really Trying (Part 3)

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How to Succeed in Art Without Really Trying (Part 3)


“Why Do I Do Art?”

Every art technique, every creative process, is someones big or small strategy for success. And the beauty of every success, big or small, is that it succeeds in momentarily blinding us to our mortality, our weakness.

Everyone is a complete failure waiting to happen. Death is that singularly monumental epic fail looming in the distance for everyone. And every success, no matter how small, diverts our attention from this reality, giving life meaning. Success stories keep the dream of a never-ending story alive.

Why do I do art? Because success in art is what you make of it. Art is the easiest place, the easiest way to turn failures into successes on a personal level, because no one can tell you what to do when you are doing art. No one can tell you what is and is not art, or what is and is not a success in art. The only person you have to successfully convince (you are being successful at creating something worthwhile) is yourself.

Why do I do art? To create stories/definitions/images of success on a personal esthetic level, then hopefully on a public level (via critical or commercial success), ultimately nurturing a persuasive delusion of success everywhere that is big enough to blot out any possibility of my death.

Why do I do art? To create illusions of success big enough to blot out any thought of my death and destruction.


Joy of Success

Every success story I create is a dream of power blocking out my weakness and mortality. Every success, big or small, is a taste of immortality. Success, however you define it, tastes sweet. And no other arena allows you to define success as you wish, as you will, like the world of art.

No other arena of consciousness is freer than art. Free to allow any fantastically absurd power fantasy to flourish in the face of death.

Every success story I create in the name of art is a mortal’s, a weakling’s, dream of defiance, dream of freedom, before the mindless and mindful powers that be this wickedly entertaining coliseum of consciousness.


~ Joy Rip

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